Work in progress!

Hi there! I’m actually working on a simple and cartoonish resource pack called ‚Never Cleaner’
My goal is to create pack of textures that will help you to relax when playing Minecraft.
All textures are simple and unique. Mobs will be funny and colorful.

At this moment there are about 115 new block textures.

If you have any suggestions about existing textures or new ones just write a comment.

Leave feedback if you like my work. Have fun!

INSTALLATION: Unpack with WinRar or WinZip and put it into .minecraft/resourcepacks folder.


javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-94911
javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-9495
javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-9494
javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-9493
javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-9492
javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-9491 kopia
javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-1949
javaw 2017-03-10 22-41-51-949 kopia

DOWNLOAD – MC 1.11.2